3 Bed, 2 Bath Single Family for Sale in LOYALTON


529 Longhorn Drive, Loyalton, 96118 | 06/24/2020 | Ad id: mls6-20201425

Mountain Metro Style. Perched above! A 2 story living space with basement and big 2 car garage. Second story living = Bigger Better Balcony Views! Vaulted Ceilings and open design, big blower pellet fire stove makes it complete! 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths. Alpine Mountain Meadows, Creeks, Tahoe Forest, OHV, Horses, Mountain Bike Trails, even Beaver Ponds. Cowgirl Corral with split-rail fencing and shelter give you extra space for a horse, chickens, dreams. 45 minutes to Truckee and Reno. Live it UP!