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NOTICE OF SALE BY AUCTION MANUFACTURED HOME/MOBILE HOME/COMMERCIAL COACH TO: Manufactured Housing Division; Maricela Garcia Lara; Jesica Teresa Cacho; Desiree Pope; Jose Jesus Gallardo Nava; PLEASE TAKE NOTICE THAT, in accordance with the Notice of Lien filed by Mountain's Edge Community, LLC, the owner of the property located at 44 Tiger Drive, Carson City, Nevada, dated June 14, 2019, the manufactured home, mobile home or commercial coach described below will be sold at public auction to satisfy the lien claimed: Year: 1968 Make: Skyline Size: 44 ft. x 12 ft. Serial #: SB493 The lien was claimed to satisfy amounts owed for rent charges incurred by Desiree Pope. The sale will take place on the 13th day of September, 2019 at the hour of 9:00 a.m. at the following location: 44 Tiger Drive, Carson City, Nevada 89706. The lien may be satisfied prior to sale by payment of the following amounts: $1,488.55-Amount originally claimed in Notice of Lien $1,000.00-Accrued charges, if any (Describe: Additional Rent & Late Charges) $437.30-Costs of Sale (Describe: Process Server, Filing Fee, Certified Mail & Attorney's Fees) $2,925.85-TOTAL AMOUNT *($2,500.00 PRIORITY LIEN) Mountain's Edge Community, LLC claims entitlement to payment of any and all additional rent, late charges, costs or expenses accrued or incurred after the date of this Notice, including costs of noticing, advertising or conducting the public auction sale. Bids must be paid by cash or cashier's check at the time of sale. You may contest the validity of the lien by filing a notice of opposition to the lien in the Justices' Court in whose jurisdiction the manufactured home is located. The procedures for contesting this lien are set forth in NRS 108.350 and 108.355. Dated this 14th day of August, 2019. Mountain's Edge Community, LLC 50 Tiger Drive Carson City, Nevada 89706 (775) 358-6587 Pub: August 17, 24, 31, 2019 Ad#70000470979