City of South Lake Tahoe Ordinance 2020-

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City of South Lake Tahoe Ordinance 2020-1150 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on November 17, 2020, the City of South Lake Tahoe City Council passed Ordinance 2020-1150 by the following vote: Yes: Bass, Collin, Laine, Middlebrook and Wallace "An Ordinance Amending Chapter 6.55 (Plan Area Statements and Other Land Use Regulations) to Add Section 6.55.295 to Establish Rules for Hosted Rentals" City Attorney's Summary of Ordinance: "This ordinance establishes rules for hosted rentals. Hosted rentals are where a portion of an owner- or long-term-tenant-occupied dwelling is rented for a period of 30 or less consecutive calendar days. The ordinance includes, but is not limited to, the following provisions. A non-transferable annual permit would be required, and transient occupancy tax would be collected. Hosted rentals are not allowed in multi-family dwellings, accessory dwelling units, or timeshares. The permittee must be an owner or tenant with a minimum two-year tenancy and owner permission and is required to provide evidence that the property is their primary residence. A cap of no more than 200 permits citywide is established. The ordinance requires the permittee to reside on site, go over rules with guests, and respond to complaints in person within 60 minutes. Occupancy is limited to no more than two people per hosted bedroom, not to exceed 6 total guests, with children five and younger not included in these limits. Outdoor amplified sound and events such as weddings and receptions are prohibited, and quiet hours are from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. Off-street paved parking must be provided for guests. Homeowners and guests in violation of the rules are subject to administrative citation under Chapter 2.30 of the South Lake Tahoe City Code." A copy of the ordinance in its entirety is available for review on the city's website or in the City Clerk's Office located at 1901 Lisa Maloff Way, South Lake Tahoe, California. //sb// Susan Blankenship Elected City Clerk City of South Lake Tahoe 1901 Lisa Maloff Way, Ste 206 South Lake Tahoe, Ca 96150 (530) 542-6005 Publication: November 27, 2020 Ad #0000638516